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Chirping “Hello” To All The Online Marketing Companies Out There…

3 Little Birds Interactive is a new recruitment company focused on the online marketing industry!

The company plays matchmaker to some of the premiere affiliate networks and brands in the space.  We’ve been busy birds lately, and it’s not surprising. Many online companies are growing rapidly these days; looking for affiliate managers and biz devs out the wazoo! Lucky for them, we can help!  We’ve already had a lot of success with our clientele and we’re looking to bring more on board!

We know how important it is to find the right person for your team. Sure, skills and experience important, but there’s far more to the equation than that. The thing that sets us apart is our experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Knowing what it takes to succeed in the industry and what makes a good employee is half the battle in the search. We have a combined 15 years experience in this industry, not to mention access to over 25,000 industry professionals in proprietary groups alone! Rely on us to find you only the best of the best.

Our pricing is very fair. We charge half of what other agencies do and we have flexible pricing models. If your company is growing, you’re hiring. If you’re hiring, you should be using 3 Little Birds Interactive. Take your mind of the tedious and stressful process of employee hunting. Let us do that, it’s what we’re good at! Contact us today!

Oh yeah….Don’t worry about a thing!

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