Babylon Marketing

Project Manager/Media Buyer

In this role, you will be responsible for updating and maintaining advertising accounts, creating and optimizing advertising campaigns, following statistics daily, updating spreadsheets, and using ftp to set up and edit HTML and PHP pages for advertising. After-hours and weekends are frequently required for project managers.

Duties and Responsibilities:
-Searching the Internet for images & content for the companies advertising pages
-Developing effective as-sets utilizing split-test techniques
-Maintain advertising pages
-Monitor advertising campaigns
-Follow statistics & update spreadsheets accordingly
-Tracking Ad’s using PHP tracking
-Creating Ad’s and various other images using Adobe Photoshop
-Seek out new Ad account sources
-Compiling weekly spend & revenue reports
-Using social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…) and other traffic sources,like Google or Yahoo
-Find & post content on advertising pages, maintain accounts, create and submit ad-sets, update spreadsheets, and follow sales statistics.
-After hours/Weekends: Maintain accounts, create and submit ad-sets, update spreadsheets, and follow sales statistics.

Desired Skills & Experience

-Must have proficient computer experience and knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
-Immediate Photoshop skills preferred

-Focused, detail-oriented, and time-committed
-Must be able to handle non-traditional work hours
-PHP & HTML coding experience a plus
-Must be able to pick up on new tasks
-Must be comfortable learning new skills
-Must have excellent communication skills

Media Buyer:
-Must have excellent organizational skills
-Must have a positive and outgoing attitude
-Must be able to work independently and with a team
-Must be willing to take on new challenges
-Must be able to follow directions thoroughly
-Must be detail-oriented


  • This is the best way to get in touch with us and it is highly recommended that you get a Skype account if you don't already have one. Add us for a quicker way to chat about openings. SkypeID: arikka3littlebirds
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  • Try to keep an open mind in your answer, everything is up for negotiation, and usually our clients are very competitive and fair in their offers.
  • If someone referred you, let us know their name so that we can reward them when we place you :)

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