Babylon Marketing

Affiliate Manager

In this position you will work with existing online affiliate publishing clients including social,portals, websites, Emailers, Search marketers, etc., to buy their web traffic and promotion efforts for our advertising clients on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) basis for all of our advertisers. Recruit new affiliate publishers to join Ad-Monster, our affiliate network.

Desired Skills & Experience

College Degree
At least 2+years of experience in online advertising
Existing Relationships with Publishers and/or advertisers
1+ years media buying experience including contract and rate negotiations
Experience with reporting, tracking and set up using an affiliate marketing platform (cake, direct track, Hitpath)


  • This is the best way to get in touch with us and it is highly recommended that you get a Skype account if you don't already have one. Add us for a quicker way to chat about openings. SkypeID: arikka3littlebirds
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  • Try to keep an open mind in your answer, everything is up for negotiation, and usually our clients are very competitive and fair in their offers.
  • If someone referred you, let us know their name so that we can reward them when we place you :)

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