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Affiliate Manager

Job Purpose: 
To assist in the growth of a New York based affiliate marketing agency by managing affiliate accounts, prospecting new affiliates, and conducting phone interviews of applicants/potential affiliates.

– Contact potential affiliates and conduct interviews to pre-quality them.
– Check industry references of affiliates to further qualify them.
– Maintain a level of familiarity with all aspects of accounts, including but not limited to affiliates’ traffic sources, marketing methods, etc.
– Develop and maintain close business relationships with affiliates in order to provide the highest level of support.
– Properly schedule phone calls and chat sessions based on time zones of clients.
– Analyze statistical data to identify trends, as well as to make informed decisions on how to maximize revenues for the company and for affiliates. Use data to make positive optimizations, and scale up efforts and traffic volume.
– Use best judgement to determine what is most beneficial for the company and its sterling reputation.

– Attend related conferences and trade shows.

Desired Skills & Experience

-Superior Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Closing Skills, Motivation for Sales, Prospecting Skills, Sales Planning, Selling to Customer Needs, Market Knowledge, Presentation Skills, Energy Level, Meeting/Exceeding Sales Goals, Professionalism.
– Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) is absolutely necessary.
– Experience & familiarity with Cake Marketing, HasOffers, and/or LinkTrust affiliate marketing platforms a big plus.
– Familiarity with dating campaigns a plus.

Salary: Based on Experience 
Experience Required: Flexible
Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree


  • This is the best way to get in touch with us and it is highly recommended that you get a Skype account if you don't already have one. Add us for a quicker way to chat about openings. SkypeID: arikka3littlebirds
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  • Try to keep an open mind in your answer, everything is up for negotiation, and usually our clients are very competitive and fair in their offers.
  • If someone referred you, let us know their name so that we can reward them when we place you :)

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