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Branded Performance Media Buyer

The Gig.
We are looking to hire a full-time Performance Marketing Media Buyer for our office in South LA to help the branded performance team run brand advertising campaigns with a performance mindset on different platforms (Google, Facebook, AppNexus, etc.) on behalf of our agency client base (non affiliate).

Competitive salary of base + commission. Generous health insurance reimbursement and PTO. Mobile & corporate gym membership reimbursement.

Lean but mean talented team of uber-motivated young minds working toward common goals on behalf of our awesome clients. We are an international digital direct-response agency with offices around the world.

The Position.
· Buy digital media using major media sources, including but not limited to Facebook Advertising, Native Advertising, Google Display, AppNexus, and mobile platforms.

· Manage, report, analyze, optimize & grow existing Facebook Advertising & Native Ad display campaigns

· Create new content, headlines and copy

· Research, evaluate, recommend, negotiate, launch, test, optimize, and scale new ad networks, real time bidding (RTB) platforms & direct media placements;

· Optimize campaigns through new ad targeting, placements, other implementations, etc., evolving our tactics employed to capitalize on changing industry trends;

· Oversee and improve processes and systems for our digital user acquisition process;

· Continuously optimize and test new ad creative and landing pages. Build a formal plan to do so;

· Be at the cutting edge of direct response online marketing with an abundance of resources and budgets.

· Optimization of campaign click-thru rates, conversion rates, and bid management;

· Create KPI’s and Track As Much Data As Possible

· Creating ads and various other images using Adobe Photoshop.

Desired Skills & Experience

Smart, hard-working, creative, ambitious and a quick learner with at least 1 year of relevant experience but still hungry to learn.You’re an independent self-starter who can flawlessly integrate and communicate with inter-disciplinary teams. Divas and Divos need not apply.

The Basics.
Ideally the candidate is familiar and competent in the following skills; however, training is provided.
• Photoshop- must be comfortable enough to create your own advertising creatives and landing pages
• HTML, CSS- basic understanding of setting up Landing Pages.
• Tracking and optimizing campaigns
• Comfortable with math- analytics as well as quickly calculating CTR, CPC, CPM, CR, ROI etc.
• Performance marketing experience building out campaigns on Google, Yahoo, FB, Youtube, email, etc.


  • This is the best way to get in touch with us and it is highly recommended that you get a Skype account if you don't already have one. Add us for a quicker way to chat about openings. SkypeID: arikka3littlebirds
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  • Try to keep an open mind in your answer, everything is up for negotiation, and usually our clients are very competitive and fair in their offers.
  • If someone referred you, let us know their name so that we can reward them when we place you :)

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