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COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a CEO to help drive the execution of our strategic vision. This role will require experience with ad tech, cross functional skillsets, analysis and new ideas/features/business models to drive increasing results, and ultimately ensuring strong leadership for our teams.

Reporting to the board, the CEO will oversee and manage the various segments of our business to ensure data-driven execution of the strategic vision. The perfect individual for this role is a highly engaged and inspirational leader capable of building and retaining a strong team and culture. The CEO will develop/refine new and existing ideas, build processes, solve abstract and complex challenges, grow the brand, identify and navigate trends early, and generally focus on revenue growth. This individual is not afraid of rapid change and also recognizes that being agile and innovative is what keeps our company ahead of industry trends. Put simply, you are an entrepreneur.


COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. We help publishers earn more, boost retention, and acquire users in 180+ countries. In addition, the company utilizes its own solutions to operate a number of publisher properties with millions of engaged users. Through a combination of performance based advertising, market research surveys, and branded advertising, we deliver high quality ad experiences that users actually like. Founded in 2009, we’ve paid out over $50 million to our publishers, while never missing a payment.

Our Ultimate Goal: Make Every Experience Rewarding.

We have been around for the last 12 years because of our ability to constantly and rapidly innovate in a fast changing industry. Our team is made up of people who do what it takes and aren’t afraid to challenge industry convention to deliver surprising results. We are experts in optimization, whether that is optimizing ad performance for our advertisers or improving the user experience. We connect with partners from all over the world to make it happen. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.



We firmly believe that our values bring us together. That said, we’re looking for someone who is aligned with our values below.

Teamwork – We always strive to work together as a team.
Perseverance – We stay positive, focused, and ready for any challenges we’ll encounter.
Passion – We are passionate and intensely focused on our vision to redefine the way users interact and engage with ads.
Accountability – We welcome freedom and responsibility because we are self motivated, self aware, self disciplined, and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed without waiting for instructions.
Innovation – We understand and eagerly welcome change, as we focus on innovation to unlock more value for our partners. We’re comfortable thinking outside of the box to find realistic solutions to hard problems.
Integrity – We set high standards for our behavior and stick to them, even in difficult situations. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in all of our interactions with our publishers, advertisers, users, and team members.


As the CEO, leadership, execution, technical ability. and industry knowledge play a large role in day to day responsibilities. In the role you will be accountable for, but not limited to, the following:

Leadership & Communication

Build strong relationships within the team to ensure execution of the vision
Growth focused leadership that addresses team needs and helps individuals on the team also grow their skillsets
Clear communication to board members and external/internal partners, adapting communication style as appropriate to influence positive outcomes
Think strategically

Strategize to drive new revenue opportunities from existing products/services
Innovate with available resources to drive growth in adjacent industries
Act with analysis and curiosity to find ways to improve the company offerings
Understand the competitive landscape and larger industry
Resolve any key barriers
Strategic Relationships

Develop key strategic relationships that help drive the company forward
Represent the company as a spokesperson and advocate for key external audiences
Organizational Leadership

Engage, inspire, and motivate internal team to achieve strategic vision
Develop or improve processes
Effectively attract, mentor, and retain talent that embodies our vision, culture, and values
Direct the organization to drive efficiencies, measure effectiveness, and maximize resources
Take lead across all aspects of the company by reviewing how departments work together



Desired Skills & Experience

Significant experience in leading and transforming an organization or leading your own startup/business to growth
Minimum 5 years of advertising technology, performance advertising, and/or branded advertising experience
Experience with Rewarded Advertising is highly preferred
Experience with performance based ads and/or branded advertising and/or market research is highly preferred
Adept understanding of the advertising industry at large and ability to convey that knowledge to others
Competitive ‘winning’ mentality
Demonstrated experience leading an organization
Unquestionable integrity and strong personal character. Operates with the highest levels of moral and ethical behavior.
Strong business acumen and analytical skills. Tech savvy with sufficient knowledge to implement and apply new technologies that support the company’s strategy.
Demonstrated management, emotional intelligence, and problem solving skills
Commitment to serving our internal team and doing what is right
Willing to do whatever it takes, including ability to travel and work extended hours during key phases in the company as needed
Ability to take abstract ideas and translate them into actionable solutions
Detail-oriented with an ability to prioritize projects/tasks simultaneously and to completion
Eager to learn new systems, technologies, and advertising techniques
A can-do attitude to provide energy, drive and enthusiasm

The ideal candidate will manage the overall operations of the company as well as develop and implement strategies that meet the needs of the customers, the stakeholders, and the employees. They will be responsible for making key decisions and executing the culture of the company.

Competitive Compensation: $120k+ salary + equity incentives


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