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Data Acquisition Manager

Full-time position with benefits. Competitive salary plus an aggressive performance based bonus

Job Summary
COMPANY is an integrated online media firm that is growing rapidly in the affiliate marketing and lead
generation space. COMPANY offers an unparalleled value proposition to advertisers due to the infrastructure,
technology, and sheer volume of media and optimization algorithms. This unique combination of attributes
has led to explosive growth this year and COMPANY is looking for a Data Acquisition Manager to further
expand our consumer reach. The Data Acquisition Manager has to be highly-motivated professional that
will leverage their book of business, drive and creativity to secure new suppliers and nurture existing
relationships. We want someone personable, persuasive, and goal-oriented with a proven track record in
rev-share data acquisition.COMPANY  is a Top 5, world-ranked leader in the performance marketing industry
and we’re looking for a self-starter who will help us take the #1 spot. The Data Acquisition Manager will
work closely with some of the most productive and proven experts in the affiliate marketing space, making
this position demanding yet highly rewarding for the right candidate.

Desired Skills & Experience

Key Qualifications
-Develops and maintains effective working relationships with data suppliers
-Build and maintain an efficient process to monetize the data and report back to the suppliers
-Maintains open communication with internal teams and collaborates with them to implement new
processes and acquisition standards.
-Creates, implements, and manages the acquisition process; develops process improvement initiatives and
understands their impact on downstream processes.
-Comprehends and applies data collection standards related to the validity of information and sources,
especially before accepting incoming data files.
-Possesses strong negotiation skills and the ability to reach the right individual within a company to obtain
key information.
-Uses creativity and ambition to constantly generate new data sources and build upon existing accounts.
-Audits and resolves duplicated data and conducts data hygiene efforts in order to maintain database
Required Experience
-Minimum: 2 years of work experience holding a similar position
-At least 3-5 years of work experience in the same or related industry
-Bachelor’s degree required; graduate degree in Business, Communications, or relevant field is preferred
but not required.
Applicants must have reliable transportation, good personal hygiene, and a professional appearance to be


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