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Senior User Acquisition Specialist

The Gig.
We are looking to hire a full-time User Acquisition Specialist for our office in South Bay, Los Angeles to help the branded performance team manage brand advertising media buys with a performance mindset on different platforms (Google, Facebook, AppNexus, etc.) on behalf of our agency client base (non affiliate).

Competitive salary of base + commission. Generous health insurance reimbursement and PTO. Mobile & corporate gym membership reimbursement. Leadership growth and travel opportunities available for the right candidates.

Lean but mean talented team of uber-motivated young minds working toward common goals on behalf of our awesome clients. W are an international digital direct-response agency with offices around the world.
The Position.
· Buy digital media using major media sources, including but not limited to Facebook Advertising, Native Advertising, Google Display, AppNexus, and mobile platforms.

· Manage, report, analyze, optimize & grow existing Facebook Advertising & Native Ad display campaigns

· Create new content, headlines and copy

· Research, evaluate, recommend, negotiate, launch, test, optimize, and scale new ad networks, real time bidding (RTB) platforms & direct media placements;

· Optimize campaigns through new ad targeting, placements, other implementations, etc., evolving our tactics employed to capitalize on changing industry trends;

· Oversee and improve processes and systems for our digital user acquisition process;

· Continuously optimize and test new ad creative and landing pages. Build a formal plan to do so;

· Be at the cutting edge of direct response online marketing with an abundance of resources and budgets.

· Optimization of campaign click-thru rates, conversion rates, and bid management;

· Create KPI’s and Track As Much Data As Possible

· Creating ads and various other images using Adobe Photoshop.

Desired Skills & Experience

Smart, hard-working, creative, ambitious and a quick learner with at least 3 years of proven experience managing advertiser campaigns as a media buyer in the performance marketing industry. You know you are good at what you do, particularly in specific traffic channels or verticals. You also are ready to create something bigger and badder than you could do as an individual, and expand your skillsets by partnering with an incredibly talented team of like minds. You’re an independent self-starter who can flawlessly integrate and communicate with inter-disciplinary teams…divas and divos need not apply.

The Basics.
Ideally the candidate is familiar and competent in the following skills; however, training and support from our in-house designer and developer is provided.
• Photoshop- must be comfortable enough to create your own advertising creatives and landing pages
• HTML, CSS- basic understanding of setting up Landing Pages.
• Tracking and optimizing campaigns
• Comfortable with math- analytics as well as quickly calculating CTR, CPC, CPM, CR, ROI etc.
• Performance marketing experience building out campaigns on Google, Yahoo, FB, Youtube, email, etc.

The Leg Up.
Agency, advertiser or ad network experience ideal. Analytics and experience overseeing process improvements preferred. Experience in overseeing lead generation properties (including data collection and monetization initiatives) a plus!


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