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Getting the Attention of a Recruiter Via LinkedIn

One the easiest ways to get a recruiter’s attention on via social media? When it comes to a job search, going into your target company’s Facebook page and clicking “Like” is one. Reaching out through LinkedIn can work as well.

Here’s how to do it:

Find a way to connect with the recruiter working for the company or in any group. You can do this by reaching out through your first or second degree connections or using one of your inmails (~$10/connect). Or, if you aren’t connected, join a group that the recruiter is in (see Groups lower down in their profile). That will enable you to connect with another member of the group.

What do you say when you connect? That you saw the job posting and wanted to reach out directly. State your value proposition for that position and add a comment about something unique to that company – a challenge they are experiencing you can help with, for instance, an acquisition, new product line, expansion, new contract etc. Tie that challenge to your experience. Ask if they would be free to talk for 5 or 10 minutes about how your specific experience could help the company with the current challenge. Thank them and give them a phone number and email where you can be reached. Always have a professional voicemail message. Make sure to leave as much contact information as possible so that the recruiter does not have to spend too much time trying to locate it. Also, Most recruiters have ADHD, so direct and to the point is key.

What if you can’t find the recruiter or hiring authority on LinkedIn? Go to the company search bar and type in the name of the company. For many companies, employees who are on LI will be shown. Is there someone there who can connect with your target person because they are in the same department do a similar job, or are in the same location? Just ask if they would like to talk for a few minutes about the company’s culture and what it’s like to work there – because you are interested in the company. If, when you are talking, the occasion arises for you to say you would like to submit a resume for a posted job, would they hand it to the hiring manager, all the better.

What if you can’t find the recruiter or hiring authority on LinkedIn or don’t have the name? Try a general Google search on the company name. Or go to and find the company – they will often have officers of the company listed.

To summarize: LinkedIn offers a number of ways in – take advantage of all of them – become a LinkedIn pro!

P.S. – I am one of those recruiters who loves getting qualified resumes to look at all day long! If you are an internet marketing and/or media professional and are open to exploring new opportunities (100% Confidential) Please submit your resume on our site,, or email me directly

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