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9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit

It’s pretty incredible how often you hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving, and they really do have something to complain about—few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door. Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on everything under the sun, while ignoring the crux of the matter: [... - Read More

Hate Your Job?

Love Your Job? If Not, Let Us Find You A New One! We work in an ever evolving industry. If you don’t absolutely love your job, your company or your boss, now’s the time to change that! Submit your updated resume in the “Job Seekers” section of  this website and then clicking on “Submit Application” in […... - Read More

Netflix is #WINNING

At Netflix, we work hard to foster a “freedom and responsibility” culture that gives our employees context about our business and the freedom to make their own decisions along with the accompanying responsibility. With this in mind, today we’re introducing an unlimited leave policy for new moms and dads that allows them to take off […] - Read More

Snag Your First Real Job!

The most difficult goal to achieve for any green  candidate is to get their first job in the online media and marketing industry! The competition is the fiercest for all entry level jobs as all the students just out of school/college are chasing same limited jobs available. Reminded of a popular dialogue from a movie ‘Three Idiots.’ [&hellip... - Read More

Hiring On The Cheap?

Announcing 2 new service options at 3 Little Birds Interactive! We love matching amazing candidates with exemplary online companies here at 3 Little Birds Interactive! In fact, we want to do more of it with many types of new clients! For this reason, we have just launched new pricing options to attract different kinds of […] - Read More

Millennials & Jobs

Today online advertising is growing at the rate of 33% per year. The fastest growing careers are software development and marketing specialists. And as more of the U.S. market share for advertising tips to mobile advertising, more of the workforce needs expertise in living their lives on their phone. And you know no one knows […] - Read More

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Cover Letters?

I am always fascinated by the debate caused by readers’ comments on Linkedin posts. They inspire me to think of new topics of conversation and I am always pleasantly surprised how diverse your thoughts are. This week I thought I’d discuss what some people may refer to as the ‘unsung hero’ of job applications and […] - Read More

The Resume Must Fit the Job!

Everyone remembers learning about Hammurabi and his code in school, right? Didn’t he say something like, “The punishment must fit the crime.” And while it doesn’t make sense to punish someone harshly for a minor offense, it also doesn’t make sense to look at a resume from a job seeker that isn’t a reflection of... - Read More

The Worst Thing You Can Do In Your Career

Stew Friedman is a Wharton professor who encourages his students to share intimate details of their lives, while the profs down the hall are talking about statistical analysis. But he’s aiming a bit higher than the standard business school fare; Stew helps students – and the rest of us – better manage the interaction of […] - Read More

How to Negotiate Your Salary

Here are 10 lessons on salary negotiation in the vein of the Ten Commandments. Employers want to know your most recent salary for one main reason: to screen you out. When faced with many applicants they use the salary as a quick shorthand way of assessing the fit and narrowing down the list. They will want […] - Read More

6 Things You Don’t Tell Your Boss, But Should!

Discussing pay is awkward — especially when you’re talking about your pay with your boss. That’s why most employees will never say the following: 1. “Take advantage of us at your own liability.” Occasionally the job market is a seller’s market, but most new employees — even potential superstars — are... - Read More

If Everyone Was Honest @ Job Interviews

- Read More

Stand Out From The Crowd

1. Always include a cover letter along with your resume. Your cover letter serves as your introduction and provides you with the opportunity to express your enthusiasm toward applying your skills with the company where you are applying. 2. Research the business as much as possible before writing your cover letter. The more you know […] - Read More

So You Didn’t Get The Job… Now What?!

Getting rejected from a job you wanted is kinda like never hearing back from a date you thought was ‘amazing’! After the interview, you can’t stop thinking about how awesome you were—answering every question with ease and even making the interviewer laugh. And about how they asked you tons of questions and seemed really interested […... - Read More

Featured Job -PHP Developer- LA

Hey there, all you Los Angeles-ites! I’d like to introduce you to an open position at a fantastic company. The job title is “PHP LAMP, Facebook, & OpenCart Web Developer” and the pay scale is $75k-$125k/year. Located in sunny Santa Monica, The online media and marketing company is looking for an experienced Web Developer... - Read More

Get Your Foot in the Door at a Digital Marketing Company

“If I could just get my foot in the door…” is a complaint I hear a lot from job seekers (usually who don’t have any experience within the online marketing industry and are trying to break into it). With such a barrier to entry, how do you play down your lack of industry swagger, and […] - Read More

How to Act on a Job Interview

As a recruiter, sometimes I wish I could bottle and sell a specific formula for how to get a job. Obviously, that’s impossible, as companies and expectations vary and relevant experience is almost always a necessity. However, there are a few tips that almost always apply for a great interview. Even if you don’t end […] - Read More

Getting the Attention of a Recruiter Via LinkedIn

One the easiest ways to get a recruiter’s attention on via social media? When it comes to a job search, going into your target company’s Facebook page and clicking “Like” is one. Reaching out through LinkedIn can work as well. Here’s how to do it: Find a way to connect with the recruiter working for […] - Read More

How To Keyword Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn plays a crucial role in any job search since over 90% of companies will now check you out on LinkedIn before calling you. And more than 97% of recruiters will source talent through LinkedIn. If you want to be discovered, you have to keyword optimize your LinkedIn Profile. Here’s how: Determine The Most Important […] - Read More

Let Me Tell You a Secret No Other Recruiter Will…

A recruiter’s job consists of finding the right person for a position. Their clients evaluate them based on how efficient they are in matching relative experience and talent with the job opening. So, in an economy like we have today with fewer and fewer jobs, you’d think it would the easiest career ever, right? Wrong! […] - Read More

‘Tis the Season to Get a New Job!

Despite this festive, busy season full of vacations and indulgent family meals, companies ARE still searching for qualified candidates! Between family vacations, and present opening, it’s apparent that companies are still very interested in finding talent to assist in their growing companies. While most people are putting off doing anything... - Read More

Why You Should Relocate for Your Next Job!

As an affiliate marketer, you know that we can do our jobs from anywhere. However, there’s still something to be said for going to work at an office of peers and working together towards a team goal. Some managers want to see you everyday and be able to collaborate with you in person. As I […] - Read More

How Social Media Can Affect Your Future Employment

At a friend’s birthday party, you danced half naked with a bottle of vodka in hand. No big deal, right? Right—unless you were tagged in the photo and it is seen online by a potential employer. Nowadays you make your first impression with a Google search, not an interview. There was a recent study done […] - Read More

5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

The Affiliate Marketing industry is a crazy business. Those of us who work in it do it because we love our jobs. Nothing is ever boring, and laws and trends change so often. Even with the variety and entertainment of this business, working too many hours and losing work/life balance can eventually wear anyone out, […] - Read More

How to Land an Internet Marketing Job with No Relevant Experience

Anyone working in the online marketing industry knows that the greatest barrier to entry is Internet job experience. Once you have experience, you’re pretty much guaranteed to always have a job (provided you’re willing to relocate, etc.) If you don’t have experience, no one wants to hire you. Why? Typically, companies in affiliate... - Read More

Help Your Recruiter Help You!

So, you’ve recently become unemployed. Whether it’s by choice or by fate, you are extremely motivated to secure another job — and fast! You’ve been in touch with a recruiter, and they have set up a few interviews for you so far, but nothing has panned out yet. Suddenly, you go into extreme panic mode […] - Read More

Chirping “Hello” To All The Online Marketing Companies Out There…

3 Little Birds Interactive is a new recruitment company focused on the online marketing industry! The company plays matchmaker to some of the premiere affiliate networks and brands in the space.  We’ve been busy birds lately, and it’s not surprising. Many online companies are growing rapidly these days; looking for affiliate managers and biz... - Read More

You’d Think We Were 3 Little Bees With All The Buzz We Are Receiving!

In the short time since 3 Little Birds Interactive has officially launched, the response has been nothing short of astounding! The volume of inquiries from potential clients and candidates alike has been so great that the birdies have not had time to sleep! Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely more than happy to lose a […] - Read More

8 Great Ways to Make Your Resume Marketable

Our industry still uses resumes!? Believe it or not, yes! Having a solid Linkedin  profile is a nice alternative to a word document for displaying your work experience, skills and even recommendations online.  I suppose it all depends on the person and the company hiring (though most employers will want something tangible on file). Whether [... - Read More

Why You Should Use 3 Little Birds!

3 Little Birds Interactive exists to bridge the  gap in the Internet marketing industry between  companies, and people looking for better opportunities. The response from the online community has been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming! We have worked with and continue to work with some of the best companies in the industry. Nevertheless, as... - Read More

So, You Want To Work From Home?

The single most popular request i have noticed among job hunters in our industry is to work from home.  Just look at the Online Media Job Board on Facebook. Regardless of where the employer is located, the first comments you’ll see are interested candidates asking “Can this be remote?” Technically, these job seekers do have […] - Read More