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Hiring On The Cheap?

Announcing 2 new service options at 3 Little Birds Interactive!

We love matching amazing candidates with exemplary online companies here at 3 Little Birds Interactive! In fact, we want to do more of it with many types of new clients! For this reason, we have just launched new pricing options to attract different kinds of companies with diverse budgets, according to individual  needs.

Here’s how it will work: Our traditional model will remain in effect for all existing clients and current job offerings. However, even they will be able to take advantage of the lower level pricing options on new and future openings if they so choose!

The traditional service is considered our PREMIUM service package, and includes absolutely all we have to offer: Job description writing assistance, targeted headhunting & aggressive sourcing, placements on premium and professional job sites (including but not limited to:,,,, and as well as proprietary online marketing job boards and groups, (totaling in over 20,000 digital marketing professionals world-wide) targeted and custom email announcements to group members, directing the candidate and company interview coordination process, assistance with the negotiation process, anytime consultations, and more! Basically, this particular level of service is perfect for companies who are too busy making money to do recruitment too, and who trust other experts in digital marketing to do it for them. The best part is we still charge about half of what most recruiters do for this package. Be sure to contact us for more details if this sounds like a good fit for your organization!

The SILVER package is perfect for the client who doesn’t require any white glove service like those in the first category, but still wants a little help and guidance with the overall hiring process. The pricing model for SILVER is a flat $1,500 (per advertised job opening – $1000 each for 2 or more jobs) and it includes the same job description writing assistance, placements on premium job sites (Which may include but is not limited to:,, and,) as well as proprietary online marketing job boards and groups totaling in over 20,000 digital marketing professionals. We will also send over any qualified candidates in our current database that we feel could be a fit! The main difference between Silver and PREMIUM is the coordinating, negotiation, and aggressive candidate sourcing and targeting.  It’s great for the company that needs some help getting the word out to qualified individuals, but who don’t need a full service offering. The awesome thing about this package is that you can always upgrade to the traditional model you decide you more help. Your fee will count toward any additional hiring services you decide on!

Finally, the BRONZE level is an easy decision for any company even thinking about adding a rockstar to their team. $750 (per advertised job opening – $500 per posting for 2 or more jobs) will get you placements on all of our proprietary online marketing job sites and at least one (but usually more) of our premium partner job sites like, Indeed, and It is a terrific value for all eyeballs that will see it! Just like with the previous structure, you can always upgrade to a higher level and the fee will carry over.

As you can see, we are making moves here at 3 Little Birds! We feel that opening our services up to different levels will attract all types of clients, especially those hiring on the cheep, (ahem, cheap!) Contact us soon! When you write us, just tell us you heard it from a little birdie.

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