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How to Act on a Job Interview

As a recruiter, sometimes I wish I could bottle and sell a specific formula for how to get a job. Obviously, that’s impossible, as companies and expectations vary and relevant experience is almost always a necessity. However, there are a few tips that almost always apply for a great interview. Even if you don’t end up getting the job, you will at least leave a good impression and impress your interviewer.

1. Demonstrate your professionalism by arriving early, dressing appropriately and having all of your materials (such as your resume and letters of recommendation) ready to hand the interviewer as soon as the meeting begins. It sounds too simple, but it really does go a long way! You won’t believe how many people dress in t-shirts and jeans, forget their resume and arrive late with the excuse of “bad traffic.” These excuses are NEVER acceptable- even if you live in Los Angeles!

2. Express your interest in the company and your eagerness to start the job. Brush up on industry terminology and the history of the company so you’ll be able to contribute to the conversation. Mention any changes you’re willing to make such as relocating to another state or working long hours. Not only is it flattering to the interviewer to see you’ve done your research, it shows initiative which is a BIG turn on for employers. Try to also translate your past experience to the job you are applying for and connect the dots of how one can transition and add value to the other.

3. Steer clear of any signs that might indicate that you’re not serious about getting the job. Try not to check your watch or glance around the room, for example. Eliminate distractions (leave your cell phone in the car, for example) so you’ll be able to concentrate fully on the interview. Don’t get nervous and exercise your ego. Don’t brag or give the interviewer any reason to be uncomfortable. Try your best not to be nervous. If you speak to fast or come across too aggressive because of nerves, you may even frighten your potential employer!

4. Display your sense of humor when appropriate, but stay away from highly sarcastic, off-color or potentially offensive jokes even if your interviewer seems like the type to appreciate them. You never know what the true climate of the office is and they may be recording your interview for other bosses to review. Actually, don’t even attempt a joke until you get a sense for the interviewer’s sense of humor, especially not when you’re nervous. You could miss the punchline, mix the joke up, or just make an awkward situation altogether that neither of you is prepared to deal with.

5. Appear confident and in control at all times. Practice answering questions with family members or try a virtual interview online. Have explanations ready if you recently lost or left a job. Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer ahead of time so you won’t prolong the interview unnecessarily. As mentioned earlier, you do not want to come across as nervous- this signals that you are under-confident which is a weakness and totally unattractive to any employer. Relax, and remember, you were chosen to do this interview for a reason, you are a good candidate for the position! Namaste!

I hope these tips help! If you have any tips specifically pertaining to the online marketing and media industry, please leave them in the comments!


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