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How to Land an Internet Marketing Job with No Relevant Experience

Anyone working in the online marketing industry knows that the greatest barrier to entry is Internet job experience. Once you have experience, you’re pretty much guaranteed to always have a job (provided you’re willing to relocate, etc.) If you don’t have experience, no one wants to hire you. Why? Typically, companies in affiliate marketing are small and understaffed. With no time to train new employees, many times, they simply want to hire someone who understands the makeup of the industry and who can handle their business with clients and affiliates. So, how can you get your first break into the industry? It’s not easy, but there are 4 stand-out qualities and skills that you can ascertain and display to show affiliate marketing companies that you have what it takes to cut it.

1. DEDICATION Online marketing companies like dedicated employees. What do I mean by dedicated? Employees who have the 9-5 mentality are a turn-off. Companies in our space appreciate hard workers who aren’t clock watchers, but willing to stay after hours and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Though this is hard to show someone before you are employed, you can emphasize this quality on your resume and in interviews. Try to give examples of how you showed dedication in past positions.

2. SOCIABILITY This is the number one quality you MUST possess in order to work in a sales/account manager position in Affiliate Marketing. If you aren’t naturally social, you can almost forget about a job in this industry. If you are, let potential employers know. Show them you are a natural network and like talking to people and give examples how you’ve exercised this quality You can’t be afraid to call people, and you should enjoy talking to 20 IM people at once on a regular basis.

3. ADAPTATION Nothing changes more than the Affiliate Marketing industry. You have to be able to adapt or else you’ll never make it. If you are a person who can easily adjust to change and likes a constant variety in their day, chances are you will do well. If you can demonstrate this quality to potential employers, it will increase your chances of being employed in the online marketing industry.

4. DETERMINATION If you want a break in the industry you have to be determined. A lot of clients will blow you off and not get back to you right away, so it’s important you have a personality that is dogged and doesn’t give up on the first or even third attempt to get business going. Show a potential employer this quality by giving specific examples of how demonstrated tenacity in former positions you’ve held.

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