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Why You Should Relocate for Your Next Job!

As an affiliate marketer, you know that we can do our jobs from anywhere. However, there’s still something to be said for going to work at an office of peers and working together towards a team goal. Some managers want to see you everyday and be able to collaborate with you in person. As I mentioned in past blogs, it’s usually very difficult for even for an experienced person to score a solid and well paying remote position. Nevertheless, there are PLENTY of jobs available in our industry and some of the best opportunities could be in a different state. Here’s my advice: RELOCATE. Here’s why:

You Instantly Become More Desirable
Sometimes it’s difficult for employers to find talent outside their local circle. Sure, there may be a lot of good talent in a certain area but what most want is someone from the outside to come in and be able to add something to the mix. Most people aren’t willing to move.With that said, as soon as you are open to relocating for a job, your resume becomes more in demand. Additionally, your qualifications look 10x better and your overal desirability is off the charts. Are you a person who is not tied down by children, a mortgage, etc? RELOCATE! You are seizing an opportunity to further your career. It’s a great choice.

You Can Be Picky
If you’re in one of the main hubs for affiliate marketing (i.e. Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, South Florida) you know that it can seem a very small circle of people. So many people shift from one local company to the other and the same companies eventually hire or work with almost everyone in the area. Relocating allows you to be pickier about your next move because your fishbowl of options just morphed into an ocean. if you’re willing to broaden your geography, you open the doors for better jobs and better companies.

Life Experiences
Relocating not only helps you develop professionally, but on a personal level too. I can personally attest to this. I’m from Florida originally and my first few affiliate marketing jobs were there. The first decision I made to relocate is arguably one of the best ones to date. I had so many opportunities that I never would have had staying in Florida. Moving to Colorado and working for Intela allowed me to travel to Australia, live in England and gain experience working internationally with some companies I still keep in touch with today. That job led to one in LA which led to a career in the south of France where I was able to travel the world! I’m not saying you should all become gypsies, but you get the point. Some of the best decisions can be to move outside your comfort zone and geography and embrace new experiences.

I’ve just posted a new position in the Job Seekers section on this site for people who are open to relocation. Apply there and I can almost guarantee you that 3 Little Birds can help.

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