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You'd Think We Were 3 Little Bees With All The Buzz We Are Receiving!

In the short time since 3 Little Birds Interactive has officially launched, the response has been nothing short of astounding! The volume of inquiries from potential clients and candidates alike has been so great that the birdies have not had time to sleep! Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely more than happy to lose a little sleep in this case!

We are pleased that the online marketing industry has embraced our recruitment services and that candidates trust us with their future. Finding a new job is always a bit scary, so if 3LB is able to make that process a little easier, then it’s our pleasure. On the other side of the coin, Employers are typically  tasked with the daunting duty of finding that “perfect” employee and rarely have the proper time or resources to do so. It can be exhausting trying to get the word out there enough to attract the RIGHT person who is best suited.

We don’t want to be your exclusive headhunter. We want to show you the quality candidates we attract a half the cost of our competitors. We work purely on performance, so there is no risk involved and no money exchanged unless you hire someone we send you.  It’s a no-brainer, really!

We sincerely appreciate all the kind words and encouragement that we’ve received from so many industry leaders and colleagues. It’s a great feeling to know  that everyone is behind 3 Little Birds who just so happen to be on their way to becoming the industry’s leading staffing solution.

We look forward to earning your business!


Yours Truly, Arikka

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