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The Worst Thing You Can Do In Your Career

Stew Friedman is a Wharton professor who encourages his students to share intimate details of their lives, while the profs down the hall are talking about statistical analysis. But he’s aiming a bit higher than the standard business school fare; Stew helps students – and the rest of us – better manage the interaction of […] - Read More

How to Negotiate Your Salary

Here are 10 lessons on salary negotiation in the vein of the Ten Commandments. Employers want to know your most recent salary for one main reason: to screen you out. When faced with many applicants they use the salary as a quick shorthand way of assessing the fit and narrowing down the list. They will want […] - Read More

6 Things You Don’t Tell Your Boss, But Should!

Discussing pay is awkward — especially when you’re talking about your pay with your boss. That’s why most employees will never say the following: 1. “Take advantage of us at your own liability.” Occasionally the job market is a seller’s market, but most new employees — even potential superstars — are... - Read More