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Millennials & Jobs

Today online advertising is growing at the rate of 33% per year. The fastest growing careers are software development and marketing specialists. And as more of the U.S. market share for advertising tips to mobile advertising, more of the workforce needs expertise in living their lives on their phone. And you know no one knows […] - Read More

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Cover Letters?

I am always fascinated by the debate caused by readers’ comments on Linkedin posts. They inspire me to think of new topics of conversation and I am always pleasantly surprised how diverse your thoughts are. This week I thought I’d discuss what some people may refer to as the ‘unsung hero’ of job applications and […] - Read More

The Resume Must Fit the Job!

Everyone remembers learning about Hammurabi and his code in school, right? Didn’t he say something like, “The punishment must fit the crime.” And while it doesn’t make sense to punish someone harshly for a minor offense, it also doesn’t make sense to look at a resume from a job seeker that isn’t a reflection of... - Read More